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Ashton Creative Group, LLC 


Terms & Agreement



Terms & Agreement Policy:



Projects under $100 require full payment. Projects over $100 ($101) require a deposit of 50% and the other 50% upon project completion. Deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE once project begins.


We will accept payments from our invoicing system ONLY. Please pay our PayPal the invoice on time.


Project Request:

Before beginning a project, ACG, LLC requires all projects go trough our project request system. We will NOT accept any information via email without the request filled out via our website and agreement signed electronically through our project request.



Unless ACG, LLC  promote a special or discount, please do not assume you will receive a discount. Unless we have spoken regarding a project. Please respect out agency, skill set, experience, and pricing.


Payment Method:

ACG, LLC accepts all major credit cards/debit cards as well as PayPal and cash app.We DO NOT accept personal checks or money orders. All clients will receive an invoice from Ashton Creative Group, payments MUST be paid using the assigned invoice for tax purposes. All projects will be applied a 5% Virginia tax (2.5% at deposit and 2.5% at final palace). Final balance payment, must be made BFORE final files are sent via email, so final files will be sent without final payment.


Website Design & Development:

Payment of 50% deposit is due upfront, payment of 50% is due at completion



You receive 3 sets of revisions free, each additional revision after that will be a charge of $25.


What are your hours of operation?


Please allow up to 48 hours for a response (Phone or Email)


Where are you located?

We are located in the Commonwealth of Virginia in the Northern Neck. The majority of our clientele are nationwide. We are able to work virtually and efficiently by communicating via web conference, email & phone.


What is the cost to expedite a project?

An additional 50% Expedite Fee will be charged to clients that request their project to be completed within less than 48 hours. If it is not possible due to current workload, that will be expressed before fee is assessed.



Price quotes are only good for seven (7) calendar days. ACG, LLC  is not responsible for any pricing changes that may occur after the quote expires.


Retainer Contracts:

ACG, LLC retainer contracts are 12 month, 6 month, or 3 months. All clients must pay once a month for the month work. We will send you a PayPal invoice once a month. All months project listing with all pertinent information will sent via email very month.


What Materials Can i Submit?:

All materials (text, images, logos, information, media, etc.) are required BEFORE your project can be placed in que. ELECTRONIC FILES MAY BE DELIVERED IN THE FOLLOWING FORMAT(s):




The files should be sent to

To ensure that all images are reflected in the best manner, images must be sent in high resolution (minimum 300 dpi). Images that are not sent in high resolution will result in poor print quality. ACG will not be held responsible, and reserves the right to decline projects due to poor quality images. All text supplied must be typed. (DOC, TXT, or Email). Failure to do so will result in a $100 fee. If a specific image is desired, but no high-resolution image has been supplied by the client, a $100 fee may be assessed.


Will I be able to proof before finalizing my project?

Prior to print, all clients will have the opportunity to review/proofread each job to ensure accuracy with a company watermark. Once the job receives approval for print, NO CHANGES MAY BE MADE. We are not responsible for any misspellings, punctuation or formatting after your last approval. If additional revisions are necessary after finalization, a fee of $25 will be assessed during final payment. Please note, please under no circumstance use any proof/concept of any graphic design project. The design proofs are for viewing and selection ONLY.


Portfolio Unless notified in writing (, Ashton Creative Group, LLC reserves the right to post completed/approved projects on social media for portfolio. ACG, LLC may tag the client in the post for promotion purposes only.

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